Thursday, July 19, 2012

Put a Name on it!

We are off for a fun-filled weekend of camping with family and friends!  Traveling with 3 little ones is always an interesting adventure.  Seems someone always needs something, is hungry, has to pee, etc, etc, etc.  Well, let's hope that I helped alleviate some of the many 'wants/needs' (mainly caused by boredom!) with their own travel bag full of goodies that THEY packed.

Of course this was something that I thought of last minute and didn't have time to run to the store for supplies so the kids had to work with what I had on hand for fabric.  The boys really wanted Thomas the Train, but alas, settled on the Dinosaurs!  Lydia...totally my child...I couldn't have picked a better fabric combo!  I think they enjoyed the fact that they got to go through all of mommy's things and have something created just for them.  Plus they love the fact that they have their name on them!

I thought that they would be able to fit a few items in the bag that would help distract them from the long drive.  I always knew you could fit a lot in the XL Essential bag...I think Lydia shows just how much.  This girl was bound and determined to get everything she could in hers. 

At one point I heard Owen tell Luke "you take the track, I'll take the tains"!  LOL!  Their obsession with trains is crazy insane.  Good planning though.  I have a feeling I'll be digging up trains all weekend in the sand. :(

I thought the patch on these bags really turned out cute!  I love how they stand out and the fact that they can be added to already made items.

The kids are really enjoying their bags already!  Here's hoping that they work out just as well on the road. 

Need one for your kid, friend, self!?!  There are some pick your own fabric options available in the shop for the XL Essential bag here.  As well as Put Your Name on It embroidered tag options here


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