Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm back Etsy!

You may have noticed that my store front looks a little different that it has the last few months.  That's because I'm excited to say that I'm back to listing my items on Etsy!  A few months ago I made a decision to move over to Big Cartel.  I didn't put a lot of thought into it...I just did it.  Mainly because that seems to be 'how I roll' and because at the time it seemed to make sense.  They had a monthly fee program vs. a per item listing charge plus a transaction fee which was taking quite a bit of my monthly earnings.  So I made the switch and neglected my Etsy shop along the way because, lets be honest, who can keep up with 2 shops, 3 kids, laundry, errands, and everything else it takes to run a household and business! 

Looking back I kind of regret it a bit.  Things were going well for me and Etsy has always done a fantastic job at allowing customers to 'find' me.  One area I don't seem to focus enough of my efforts on is external advertising; which I know I was lacking while being on Big Cartel.  So....long story short.  I'm back!!

You won't 'technically' notice any difference - whether you go to or, they both will link you to the same shop!  So you don't have to worry about making sure you're going to the right place or not. 

A new thing Etsy has launched - you can pay with credit card vs. having it take you to PayPal.  Nice, huh!?!

So, because you have been so patient with me with all my ups, downs, sideways, etc.  you can enjoy 20% OFF this entire week off anything that's currently in the shop. A few of my new bags are not listed yet - but are certainly available for purchase.  Enter code: FBFAN at checkout and the amount will be deducted.  Offer ends at midnight on 7/15.

I still have new items in the works along with Design Your Own listings to post once I rally up all your fabric options!  One of my FAV parts of the job!

And because I can't have a post with no picture, you can get a complete essential bag set in the shop now!

Enjoy and THANK YOU!

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